Camping gear

Nothing beats a cycling & camping trip. You do not have to worry about where the day will end, while at the same time you enjoy the thrill of not knowing where you will end up.

Japanese people love outdoor life and often go out camping for the weekend. The country is dotted with more than 3,000 campsites, often owned and managed by public bodies. From the most basic to truly luxurious campsites with private lodges. These campsites are often only open in summer however.

Japan is also very convenient for wild camping. When you keep a low profile, you won’t be hassled by anyone. There is plenty of local parks, all with water and toilet facilities. In addition to parks there are beaches, river banks, road side rest stops,… Only in the national parks it is prohibited to camp outside the designated areas.
The excitement of these surprise finds adds a bit of spice to your trip.

The best thing about Japan are the ubiquitous onsen hot springs, huge 5-star bathrooms for a couple of hundred yen. Here is the drill: around dusk you locate an onsen and a feasible camp spot nearby. You enjoy your bath and spend the evening in the onsen’s lounge or lobby. At bedtime you head back to your camp spot and put up your tent. Good night !