Old News

2011.11.23: Today 125 years ago, Thomas Stevens set out from Nagasaki for his Japan Biking tour. Here’s the delightful report.

2011.07.19 – 22: Japan Biking in Europe. Following the Tour de France in Provence and on Alpe d’Huez.

2011.06.27: Jennifer and Machiel arrive safely in Kyoto. Read the report of their 1500 km 31 day journey here.

2011.05.28: In the middle of an out of season taifun, Jennifer & Machiel head out on their epic 4 week journey to Kyoto. Our first brave guests after the earthquake. Yoi tabi wo, enjoy Japan Biking !

2011.05. 16-18: 3 days reconnaissance of Amakusa island. Side trip by chartered boat to 23km circumference Shishijima island. My God ! This is cycling paradise.

2011.04.28 – 05.05: Golden Week Galore. Still found some quiet roads to escape from the frenzy: Miyazaki & Osumi Peninsula.

2011.04.14 & 21: US & UK lift Tokyo travel warnings. Traveling to Japan is safe except for the disaster area northeast of Tokyo.

Japan Biking Newsletter – April 2011 – Cherry Blossom News

2011.03.19: to put Fukushima in perspective: xkcd.com fantastically informativeradiation dose chart. Good news: you won’t drop dead upon landing on Japan’s soil.

2011.03.11: Japan Biking unscathed by earthquake. Kyushu unaffected. We are alive & biking.

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