The Cape of Divine Power

Shakotan Peninsula – Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the perfect spot to spend your summer biking in Japan. While the rest of Japan is panting with the heat, the northern island of Hokkaido enjoys mild weather, with flocks of Japanese tourists admiring the flower fields full of lavender.

On this spectacular trip you will see crystalline caldera lakes surrounded by volcanoes and the dramatic sea cliffs adorning the coast of Hokkaido. You will experience nature’s raw power by seeing young mountains that have sprung up and steaming fumaroles bubbling and emitting hot gases. Combined with nights staying at hot spring hotels, exquisite Japanese food and exceptional service, this journey is sure to pique the senses.

The Cape of Divine Power Tour is run by our Hokkaido partner Bike Tours Japan. They feature several other exciting tours in Hokkaido, like The Playground of the Gods Tour in Daisetsuzan and the Journey to the End of Mother Earth in Shiretoko Peninsula.


  • Ride through 3 national parks
  • Walk to the base of a live volcano
  • Hike, bike, raft or kayak options
  • Learn about Hokkaido’s historical past
  • Visit Japan’s first whiskey distillery
  • Rejuvenate in outdoor hot springs
  • Enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine


Day 1 (Arrival Day)
We transfer you to our hotel which sits on the banks of a caldera lake. It is a spectacular start point surrounded by 3 volcanoes and renowned for its indigo blue waters. On arrival relax in the hotel hot springs.

Day 2 (72 km/45 miles)
Ride to another lakeside resort. The near circular lake doesn’t freeze even during the harsh cold temperatures of the Hokkaido winter due to the area’s abundance of geothermal activity. Nearby is a young mountain that literally popped out of a farmer’s field and grew to a height of 403 meters in the space of 2 years. Enjoy the nightly fireworks display over the lake from the hotel to finish an amazing day.

Day 3 (72 km/45 miles)
You will ride a loop around the lake on quiet country back-roads. A highlight is seeing some of the smoking fumaroles around the volcano and ruins left from the last volcanic eruption. After the ride relax in the hot springs overlooking the lake and Hokkaido’s ‘Mt Fuji.’

Day 4 (80 km/50 miles)
Today we head to Hokkaido’s famous outdoor playground. This beautiful ride starts around the lake and passes through rural pastures with the “Mt Fuji of the North,” in the background. It is said that there are so many hot springs in the area that it would take 6 days to visit them all.

Day 5 (70 km/43 miles)
You will then ride to a local coastal fishing town, passing the local fish market. The ride finishes at Japan’s oldest whiskey distillery where you will see the process of whiskey distillation. The ride for the day is over, so we can sample some of their fine liquor.

Day 6 (50 km/31miles)
On the last day you will ride out along the coast to Hokkaido’s beautiful western Peninsula or the ‘Cape of Divine Power,’ as it is known the local people. The area is part of Hokkaido’s only sea National Park, a magnificent coastline made up of sea-cliffs and crystal blue waters. You will then be transferred to the port city of Hokkaido. The city served as the sea entrance to Hokkaido for over a hundred years and so has some beautifully restored buildings. The gaslights and stone warehouses along the canal produce a beautiful nightscape where there are many cafes, museums, restaurants and shops.

Day 7
Departure day. Return transfer to the airport after breakfast.