Islands & Pottery

This 300km tour is one of our most easy tours. It brings us from island to island – mainly following coastal roads. Life goes a bit slower on Japan’s smaller islands, you will definitely enjoy the quiet countryside. The breathtaking sights of Nagasaki make a lasting impression.

Read Toby’s tour report.

Day 1 – 25km: Arrival in Fukuoka. Transfer to hotel.

Day 2 – 60km: Along the scenic coast we leave Fukuoka and head for Karatsu. We ride through the mystic Rainbow Pine Forest and visit Karatsu Castle. Stay in Karatsu.

Day 3 – 60km: Via beautiful valleys we reach the world famed pottery village Arita. Visit to a potter’s kiln. In the afternoon, we ride to Huis Ten Bosch theme park. If we have time, we visit Huis Ten Bosch.

Day 4 – 60km: From Huis Ten Bosch we bike around breathtaking Omura Bay to Nagasaki. In the afternoon, we visit the city.

Day 5 – 60km: In the morning we take a ferry to Amakusa island, home to Japan’s first Christians.

Day 6 – 50km: Another ferry brings us to Nagashima island. The spectacular coast road gently leads us to our final bike destination Izumi.

To continue your travel:
– hop on the brand new Kyushu Shinkansen bullet train (start 12 March 2011) or the scenic Orange Train Line back to Fukuoka or on to Kagoshima city.
– Take the 1,5hr shuttle bus to Kagoshima airport.
– The same shuttle bus brings you to Kirishima onsen.

Day 7 – 65 km: Another unforgettable vista on our trip: via the coastal road along Kinko Bay we approach Kagoshima with its enigmatic Sakurajima vulcano. Optional bike tour around the volcano (35 km). In the evening, the brand new Kyushu Shinkansen bullet train (start March 12, 2011) whooshes us back to Fukuoka.