Daniel & Samanta

Last Saturday we received guests. Daniel & Samanta are biking their way from Tokyo to Okinawa and Izumi lay on their way. http://www.tokyo-to-okinawa.blogspot.com/
After samisen class, Yuko went shopping for dinner. She called me with a flat tire, so I headed out for the repair. I managed to screw up the valve completely and the 100 yen shop had already closed. Yuko left her bike at COOP and we walked home. Meanwhile it got dark and there was no sign of life of D&S. Suddenly phonecall, D&S were at the station and coming our way. Around 8pm we all arrived home. Our guests refreshed and Yuko cooked a delicious curry. After some entertaining road stories we went to sleep.
Sunday morning brought toast and a tea ceremony. I guided D&S around our samurai neighbourhood and accompanied them back to Road 3. I let them continue their journey to Kagoshima and turned off to Wakimoto beach. A lot of deadwood and rubish lingered on the beach after last week’s taifun. At COOP I repaired Yuko’s bike and drove the two bikes home, in time for lunch.

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