Custom Tours

We offer the option of creating a fully customised trip for individuals, families and small groups. We’ll carefully create a tour based on your budget, your choice of destinations, daily distance, accommodation, budget, and focus it on your interests.

Private or not

You prefer a guided tour with only your family and friends ? Then you can choose a private tour, for minimum 4 people. If you don’t mind company, we can put your custom tour on our calendar and make it open for other people to join. It is best to plan an open custom tour well ahead of time.

Please fill out our Quotation form to get a custom tour proposal . Most custom tours combine, shorten or lengthen existing itineraries, but we are open to everything. You are involved in the planning as much—or as little—as you want. Leave every detail to us, or dive in by our side and be as outrageous and imaginative as you want.

Sample of past custom tours:
– a brand new Onsen Tour de Kyushu for a returning guest who previously did our Kyushu Hot Springs tour and simply wanted more biking & bathing
– Shikoku’s 88 temples pilgrimage by bike
– budget family trip on two tandem bikes riding the 3500km length of Japan
12 day luxury tour based on the famed Butterfield & Robinson Noto tour
– solo 40 days 3700km surf & bike island hopping trip from Takayama’s snow covered passes to Okinawa’s tropical beaches
– 3 days on the Shimanami Kaido, Japan’s nicest cycling road

We haven’t done a couchbike tour, yet.