Buildings – Barbecue – Cranes – Zen – Onsen

A splendid Japan trip brought the Dierick family to Kyushu for 3 days. First they visited Fukuoka for a rewarding architecture tour, see the picture report here. They hopped on the brand new shinkansen to Izumi for a delightful farm stay at Ohira-san. The fun barbecue with associated drinks made for a hard wake up before sunrise but all was more than worth it. Trained birdwatcher Maxim pointed out the particular behaviours of the cranes, ducks, herons, crows,… We watched 2 crows bullying a far bigger kite, tough !

After breakfast we joined a special Zazen session in Kannoji Temple that Ohira-san arranged with his friend the priest. The priest explained about Zazen philosophy, the temple’s history and training and everyday life of a Zazen priest. We meditated for 15 minutes, only disturbed by twittering birds, a ticking clock and our sleeping legs.
Kannoji Temple is the oldest Zen temple of the Rinzai sect in Japan, dating from 1194. The Juichimen-senju statue of an Eleven-faced Thousand-armed Kannon is designated as important cultural property.

After making our own pizza in the home-made oven the Dierick family continued to Kirishima Onsen to unwind at the fabulous Myoken Ishiharaso. Dolce far niente !

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