Amakusa Recon

Two flats (well, actually only one, being badly repaired at first) and a time trial to the ferry in Kuranomoto. Oompf, JIT. Meet up with George, our man in Ushibuka. Some serious drafting derny style behind his Cub to highlights as the Amakusa Sunset Line. At night, gorgeous curry with Michael and Yano in Baobab in Hondo.
Early next morning. Bento in front of Kawaura high school. Big loop on the east side of the island. Once more time trial to the ferry in Nakata. It gets so sharp that I bet on a short-cut. Deadly dead-end. Will never know if I would’ve made it.
As luck got it, met genki Yamaguchi-san, 64 yo Kagoshimian sushi chef on his way home from his tour of Japan, 日本一選 read the sign on the back of his bike. His journey got clipped its wings by the Tohoku earthquake, from 6 months to 100 days.
Yamaguchi-san decided to hook up for a ferry to Shishijima, where we cycled the entire 24km circumference. Held back by his 35kg packs and too proud to share the load with me, we didn’t make it on time for the ferry travelling on to Nagashima. Not wanting to end my day in the dark, we chartered a little boat to sail us across. We indulged in the luxury of our private yacht.
Seems like our good old sushi chef chose the right wheel for the day, as we cycled to Izumi together, where we had dinner at the sushi place of a friend from times past, Sugimoto Shuchan. Tanoshi- & oishikatta !

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